Neurological Disease Care

Introducing iMotor — our patent-pending digital health solution designed to measure and monitor motor performance in both clinical and at-home settings.


Symptom Tracking

iMotor records dexterity and motor function, emotional status, and sleep quality, in addition to other health indicators, and seamlessly shares this information with the patient’s neurologist for more accurate medical assessments.

Remote Monitoring

Developed by Parkinson’s disease experts, iMotor quantifies differences in motor performance. Objective and patient-reported data collected during and between clinic visits allows for faster optimization of treatment.

Easy to Use

Designed to provide maximum ease of use, iMotor requires minimal training. Streamlined functionality fosters long-term engagement and encourages users to become more involved in their health management.


Reliable and sensitive objective measures are captured in reports that supplement in-office clinical evaluations. Real-time availability provides actionable data often lacking due to infrequent clinic visits.

Launching September 2016
A randomized, controlled trial of an interactive digital toolset for the management of Parkinson's disease.

The study is designed to test the following hypothesis: Continuous use of Apptomics’ solution (iMotor and MyPD) will improve health outcomes through remote, timely, and accurate measurement of function in order to tailor drug adjustments, increase treatment compliance, and enhance satisfaction.


Completed: Feasibility Study

Conducted in 2015 with the University of Cincinnati to assess the feasibility of objective quantification of motor function through a tablet-based application (iMotor). Results were presented at the International MDS Congress in June 2015.

Objective Monitoring

Tapping and pronation-supination reaction time tests were administered to objectively measure motor and cognitive performance.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient satisfaction was evaluated following the use of the iMotor application. Qualities rated included ease of use, motor and cognitive performance tests, and overall functionality.


The study revealed that measuring Parkinson’s disease-associated motor function impairment via iMotor is feasible and associated with high rates of patient satisfaction.


Completed: Objective Measurement of Motor Function Study

Conducted in 2016 to assess whether the tablet-based iMotor could objectively and reliably quantify differences in motor performance in Parkinson’s disease-associated ON and OFF medication states.

Symptom Assessment

Patients undergoing ON / OFF assessments for deep-brain stimulation surgery eligibility completed two-target and pronation-supination tests during their ON and OFF states.

Patient Perspective

A patient satisfaction survey provided insight into iMotor’s functionality, with the majority of patients indicating it was “very easy” to use.


iMotor accurately distinguished between ON and OFF states. Results indicated it also may be able to discriminate aspects of movement about which the UPDRS is less sensitive.


What are people saying about Apptomics?

  • The real excitement lies in interactive patient engagement tools. These can potentially facilitate better patient outcomes by incorporating accepted practice guideline recommendations to both provider and patients.

    David Lee Scher, MD
    Award-winning thought leader in digital health
  • Today's neurological care is limited by subjective clinical evaluations during patient visits to the clinic and lack of objective measures to quantify movement. Patient status between visits is difficult to assess as physicians have to rely on historical information, frequently insufficient or inaccurate, which further deepens the problem. The development of technologies that can measure neurologic symptoms remotely is critical to bridge this gap in knowledge. The ability to collect and analyze objective data between visits would clearly improve medical decision-making, leading to optimized care with currently available therapies.

    Fredy J. Revilla, M.D.
    Chief of the Division of Neurology
    Clinical Professor, USC School of Medicine, Greenville
    UMG/Neuroscience Associates

Bridging the gap in neurological care

7-10 Million

The approximate number of people affected
by Parkinson’s Disease Worldwide

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The number of hours of self care for
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